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Yes, you!  You're in the theatre watching Za Boom Ba.  You want to leap off your seat, ignited by the electrifying dancing...the explosive grooves of a powerful drumming ensemble. Wait...you are not just listening to the drumming, you are drumming!  Every audience member becomes a part of the unified beat when percussion instruments, from shakers to a full on, thumping, West African Djembe drum, are given to everyone in the 500-member audience. 

Yes, 500 drums. You Become The Drummer.


This is Za Boom Ba!  You don't just sit and watch; you are part of the exhilarating grooves, the pulse-quickening beats, the joyful rhythms!  You add your voice with your percussion, your heartbeat joining with the laughter, the cheers, and the power of unified community. 

This is the power of rhythm: this is the power of Za Boom Ba

No previous musical experience?  Don't believe you have rhythm?  Don't worry. 
You will be masterfully facilitated to jam using the percussion we provide, guaranteed.

We've got your drum ready.  We'll see you there! Watch more Za Boom Ba videos!


“ZaBoomBa was just awesome! My body is still energized and singing from the vibrations of the drums and from the powerful community experience.”


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It's About Interaction


While most theatrical productions entertain you while they act, Za Boom Ba thrills you while you interact.  It's experiential.  You're not just our audience, you're part of our ensemble - a moving, drumming, sweating, whooping part of the excitement and action.
Your experience is not only in the hands of "performers," it's also in your hands...literally.

We've been doing this in corporate and private arenas for over 20 years; we know the power of interactive rhythm. Now, we are bringing it to you. A perfect show for the entire family.  Yes, children too! 

You ALL Become The Drummer! 


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Watch Za Boom Ba videos!

What does Za Boom Ba Mean?
Za Boom Ba comes from Zabumba, which is a Northeast Brazillian drum played for Forro (FO-ho). Forro means 'For All." Za Boom Ba is for everyone!



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